Automobile Key Fob Dead Zones in the News Again

David Maxson was interviewed by Fox-TV Chicago on the subject of car key fobs mysteriously not working in a certain area. The situation is similar to one David solved in Yonkers, New York. Here’s an excerpt from the story:

So what could be the source of that powerful interference? David Maxson is a wireless expert for the Isotrope company in Massachusetts.

“I’ve had about four phone calls from various places around the country. Yours might be the fifth,” Maxson said.

Maxson said some dead zones have been linked to shopping centers using radio signals to keep track of their shopping carts and reduce their theft. Another, he found, was caused by the light control panel used by a nightclub’s disk jockey.

“It was designed in a way that it was not sharing the spectrum properly with the key fobs. So it was preventing people from in front of the bar from being able to start their cars when they were ready to leave,” said Maxson.

Maxson said if your key fob does fail, try holding it as close as you can to the sensor it’s looking for, which might be the car’s antenna or the button you use to start your car.

See the interview here and you can read the full story here.


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