Municipal Wireless Consulting Services


In 2010, Isotrope, LLC. acquired the Municipal Wireless Consulting Service from the now-dissolved Broadcast Signal Lab, LLP.

Led by David Maxson, Isotrope Wireless provides a full range of services related to the needs of communities responding to the continuing expansion of wireless services.

Contact David Maxson at 508-359-8833 to discuss your community’s needs.

Types of Support Available

Isotrope Wireless helps communities through the stages of the wireless development cycle:

  1. Bylaws/Ordinances

    With the assistance of Isotrope in open public processes, communities thoughtfully revise their wireless regulations to keep up with the evolution of the wireless marketplace. These are some of the concerns raised in regulation processes:

    1. Is our overlay district enough?
    2. Why do we keep being asked for variances?
    3. What setbacks are realistic and what becomes counterproductive and why?
    4. How do we provide carrier flexibility while keeping reasonable zoning control?
    5. How do we set things up for efficient review under the FCC shot clock?
    6. What controls are available to encourage favored outcomes responsibly?
    7. Which are better, qualitative or quantitative controls? How should they be worded?
    8. What’s the difference between “co-location” in our regs and the FCC’s “collocation”?
    9. Will technology changes make cell towers obsolete?  What about satellites?
    10. Is our community a good place for Distributed Antenna Systems?
    11. What common regulations add risk of unintended consequences?
  2. Permit Application Review

    When confronted with new wireless facility applications, land use boards look to Isotrope Wireless to help de-mystify the technical issues.

    1. Complex wireless concepts are explained in plain language.
    2. The credibility, accuracy and consistency of applications are assessed.
    3. When appropriate, alternatives are evaluated.
    4. Validate RF exposure, noise, FAA lights, visual simulation, other technical reports.
    5. Help weigh the pros and cons of “stealth-ing” and other visual impact mitigation.
    6. Goal: to help boards build substantial evidence in the written record.
    7. Goal: to educate boards to make reasoned, defensible, fact-based decisions.
    8. Goal: to foster constructive dialog among the applicant, the board, and residents.
    9. Goal: to assist boards in being both efficient and thorough in processing applications. Local boards are enabled to make informed decisions that
      best benefit their communities.
  3. Expert Testimony

    Sometimes things don’t go well, and parties need a seasoned expert to look at the facts and testify.  Isotrope Wireless has experience in providing expert testimony at both the
    state and federal levels.  Perhaps just as important, Isotrope Wireless assists in confidential settlement negotiations with creative problem solving.

  4. Leasing Property for Wireless Facilities

    Municipalities recognize the win-win-win of leasing municipal sites for the placement of wireless facilities.  Isotrope Wireless has developed Requests for Proposals, worked with municipalities to select sites for lease, and supported lease negotiations.  Wireless providers win with a willing landlord and a well-formed RFP; municipalities win by having not only permit control, but also lease control over the wireless providers, not to mention the revenue; and residents win by getting improved wireless service and having it originate from sites selected by the community.

Isotrope Wireless Skills and Technology

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