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Isotrope, LLC incubates innovative initiatives in communications technology. Formed in 2010, Isotrope is the product of a three decade long relationship between two enterprising radio engineering colleagues, David Maxson and Steve Riggs. Their combined knowledge, experience and creativity in wireless and broadcast communications is Isotrope’s catalyst for launching new services. 

Things we Do

We bring our years of experience to several different areas in the wireless infrastructure industry.

Isotrope Wireless

Offering industry and municipalities total support in design, specification, evaluation, benchmarking and construction of wireless facilities. Isotrope uses carrier class signal propagation modeling software combined with carrier class drive testing equipment to provide clear and accurate coverage maps. Isotrope is equipped to measure, model and analyze signals both indoors and out. In addition, we assist communities in managing sensible wireless deployment; balancing coverage needs with aesthetic & zoning demands, more.

Isotrope Consulting

Isotrope’s communications engineering team has advised start-ups and settled businesses on system requirements development, protocol design, development and testing of new technologies in radio communications, studio and transmission facility design/construction. Some examples of our work:  Radio EPG project for NAB FASTROAD, RBDS protocol for proprietary application, wireless broadband drive testing for 7200 miles of a state’s roadways, improvement of a digital radio service’s encoding of country identification code within constrained data space, studio consolidation, HD-Radio facility installation, FCC regulatory compliance. more

Broadband Communications For Rail

Isotrope has specialized experience in developing and building broadband infrastructure for rail. Isotrope provides certainty and reassurance in the uncertain world of broadband trackside network design and construction. From creating specifications, to developing designs with stakeholder buy-in, to validating performance, to supporting construction and commissioning, Isotrope is a vendor-neutral resource with trackside network experience. more.


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Because We Know You’re Going To Ask….

What’s an isotrope?

That’s right, the word looks like “isotope” with an extra “r” in it.  Isotrope is a made-up word in English — derived from the characteristic of “isotropy” (n) that indicates something has the same characteristic in all directions. The adjective “isotropic” is applied to such things that have isotropy. (an “isotropic antenna” is endowed with isotropy))

For instance, much of the analysis of the cosmos assumes the universe is isotropic — in other words, no matter which direction the observer looks, the universe has the same characteristics, so that what we learn about galaxies or stars, or the expansion of the universe in one direction, can be assumed to apply in any other direction.

In radio communications, the ideal antenna is an isotropic antenna. It produces (or receives) the same amount of energy in all directions — its antenna pattern is spherical. In the physical world, there are physical constraints that preclude the design of a perfectly isotropic antenna.

In English there is a noun for the characteristic (isotropy) and an corresponding adjective (isotropic) for a thing that has the characteristic, but there is no noun for any thing that has the characteristic. It seemed logical that an isotropic thing could be classified as an “isotrope.” Our ideal antenna, ideal star, and ideal universe are isotropes. Our ideal company, one that gleams with technical creativity, is Isotrope, LLC.

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