Inside the Sphere

David Maxson,WCP:

Isotrope co-founder David Maxson has been providing municipalities, industry and organizations with technical and strategic support on wireless matters for nearly three decades. An expert in modeling the coverage of personal wireless, broadcast, broadband and two-way radio communications, Mr. Maxson bridges the technical divide with plain-English explanations of matters important to regulators and operators of radio communications systems. He has testified before Congress on FCC regulatory matters, written numerous peer-reviewed technical papers on aspects of digital radio frequency communications and radio frequency safety, developed specifications and system designs for radio frequency communications, and testified in court on personal wireless communications matters. Mr. Maxson authored a technical book on the inner workings of a digital communications technology called HD RadioTM . Representing his company, he serves on wireless industry committees and on the National Radio Systems Committee – a standards-setting organization.

David Maxson was awarded the prestigious Wireless Communications Professional (WCP®) certification from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). This certification, earned by rigorous examination on Wireless Communications Engineering Technology, demonstrates the breadth and depth of Mr. Maxson’s knowledge and experience with all aspects of personal wireless services engineering.

Steve Riggs:

Isotrope co-founder Steve Riggs brings 3 decades of problem solving experience in wireless communications to the company. Steve Riggs was the Boston region Director of Engineering and Information Technology for iHeartMedia’s broadcast properties, where he served for nearly 20 years. Among his skill sets, Mr. Riggs has developed, organized and managed a variety of engineering projects, field measurements (fixed, mobile and airborne); communications facility design, construction, and proofing – including tower construction, antenna installation and testing, and physical plant development; standards compliance management and certification; and network development, provisioning and administration. In addition, Mr. Riggs is well-versed in radio frequency coverage mapping and in employing GIS technology to satisfy client requirements. Mr. Riggs also serves as a technical advisor to CodComm, Inc.  Past experience includes stints at WCRB, Boston and WZBC, Boston College. It is this varied background that has given him the tools for “Thinking Outside the Sphere!”

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