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Wireless Building Permits – A Cautionary Tale

One of the great existential conundrums is “How do you know what you know?”  I recently have seen a series of unrelated building permit applications for new or modified wireless facilities that were missing key information and the presenters firmly believed in the diligence of their submissions.  One thing these applications had in common […]

DAS the wrong question

A reporter called me to ask about distributed antenna systems (DAS).  I told him that was not the right first question to ask.  Why?  Explanation in a moment. His community is hearing its third wireless facility permit application that includes a new tower.  This community is part of a national gem, having a majority […]

David Maxson Talks Towers in Keene Sentinel

David was interviewed in the Keene Sentinel in connection with wireless tower siting issues in Fitzwilliam, NH.  Here’s an excerpt from the article by Sarah Trefethen:

“Local zoning decisions have to walk that tightrope between following the zoning regulations and not effectively prohibiting wireless service,” said David Maxson, who runs the Massachusetts-based consulting company […]